Raleigh Raptors – Flagpole Ornament

While driving thru E Morgan Street downtown, I noticed a rather odd-looking flagpole ornament on one of the buildings. What’s even stranger was that it was alive!  It moved! 🙂 It was Mama who was enjoying the crisp, cool air and watching the sunrise.

Minutes later, a familiar Red-tail wail bounced around the Capitol-area buildings.  It was Blynken who wailed as he flew across the Capitol grounds and landed on the Capitol.  After a brief stopover, he flew towards one of the trees and then to the Court of Appeals.

Blyken looked at Mama and wailed a few times, but Mama remained stoic and almost seemed like she was waiting to see what Blynk would do.  Blynk took off and rounded the Raleigh water tower, scaring off a few small birds in the process.  I guess he was hunting.

Not sure if Mama was watching Blynk as he hunted, but she took off right after this.

Flagpole Ornament


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