Raleigh Raptors – Just You and I

Sept 21

With no wailing kid(s) around, Mama and Papa shared some quality time together.  Since these shots will be in very low light, I switched to a “fast’ f1.8 lens but rather short (85mm).  Light-wise, the lens was perfect, but it was too short to get a good close up of the pair, so I had to zoom with my feet :).

Mama on the left and Papa beside her

I thought at least for a day that Blynken had flown off on his own, but a few days later, I found Blynken back at the Capitol.

Sept 24

Sept 25

Today, Papa was by himself and took an early-morning solo flight around the PNC building.

These shots were taken minutes before the outside lights went out at the PNC tower.

One thing’s for sure, these Red-tails are real early-risers!  Hmmm… I wonder what their schedule will look like when DST ends this November.  Obviously, they don’t care or know about Daylight Savings Time :), but I guess the question is how early before sunrise do they get going?

A lot of things learned in this ‘outdoor’ classroom in these past 2 years and lots more to learn, hopefully.






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