Raleigh Raptors – Stars and Stripes Forever

Not much to report considering the limited time I have to observe our Red-tailed friends.

Sept 26

Blynk was just at the water tower, but it was waaaayyy too dark to take any shots.  He flew off and Papa took his place.

By then, the sun had risen a bit more and I was much closer for a better shot.  Papa didn’t stay long and flew across the street and much to my surprise, landed in a spot with Venus directly behind him (several million miles away, of course :)).

Sept 28

I had a tough decision to make.   Papa was doing his patriotic duty, while Mama was on the Church’s cross. Who to photograph first? Since I was at the Capitol, I took the closer shot, hoping that Mama would still be there in the next minute or so.

But, no such luck.  By the time I got to the Church, Mama had already taken to the skies.

Blynk?  Where’s Blynk?  No sign of him this morning.


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