Raleigh Raptors – A Little Bonding

The first week of October has been… wet.  Lots of rain and fog in the mornings, but today 10-4 (roger that) we got a break. It was not the best, but I’ll take it 🙂

The Cross on the 1st Baptist was unoccupied, but minutes later Papa flew in. It was still very dark so pardon the underexposed images.

I moved in front of Papa trying to get better lighting with the sun in front of him.  As I looked, there were 2!

Looking more closely…. that’s Mama on the left and … Blynken on the right, not Papa.  Nothing like a little bonding between mother and son :). 

A minute later, Mama turned the other way and flew off…. in the other direction.  It’s one of those days when I thought they would fly in my direction, but went otherwise.  Oh, well…

Blynk soon followed…

Both Red-tails circled in front of the Wells Fargo building a few times before heading out.

A short session with our Red-tailed friends is better than nothing, besides, looking east was a wonderful sight!

Good Morning!




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