Raleigh Raptors – Papa’s Show

Oct 8

The 2nd week of October started off cold and wet.   I walked around the Capitol trying to find where our Red-tailed friends roost for the night.  I didn’t see any of them, but as I turned to leave, one last look back at the Capitol yielded dividends!  One hawk was at the corner of the Capitol building.  It was Papa on a rather relaxed one-legged stance with the other leg tucked in the body.

I guess he just woke up cause he was sort of yawning ( I think).

It was so dark that I had to resort to using the flash to get better lighting.  It’s always interesting to see how the flash’s light reflects off Papa’s eye.

Papa didn’t stay long and took off.  It started to drizzle so off I went. I didn’t see Mama nor Blynken.

Oct 9

Rain, rain go away.  The day started with a light drizzle and it was like that almost the entire day. Later in the afternoon it was still overcast, but the rain had stopped. I was driving by the Capitol when I saw a hawk take off from the Golden Rooster and swoop down towards the sidewalk by the NC Museum of History.  As I turned to park, I saw a Red-tail on the sidewalk.  I rushed out to take a few shots, but no luck!  He was no longer there!  I looked around and found him on a tree (with a cut trunk) in a parking lot.

I got a little closer and he flew off and landed on a nearby tree.

Several Mockingbirds were in the area and didn’t take kindly to Papa’s presence.  They circled and pounced on him.

Pesky Mockingbirds.  Papa took off.

The weather tomorrow (double 10)  is supposed to be sunny!  Hopefully, our Red-tailed friends will be there!


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