Raleigh Raptors : Wachovia, RBC, Progress

Oct 10

It seems like Blynken has been spending early mornings with Mama.  I wasn’t ready when Blynken came into view so instead of a very blotchy image, I opted to convert this to B&W. 

Mama (75% sure) was on the Capitol while Blynk flew around and landed on the Capitol. 

A short while later,  Mama took off and Blynk was by himself.  Hmm… I guess he didn’t want to miss his distant cousins race by.

Oct 11

Guess what?  Red-eye reduction on the camera flash  doesn’t work with hawks! 🙂  Despite being over 50 feet away, the flash’s light still bounces off Mama’s eyes like a mirror!



Oct 12

I’ve been trying to find where our Red-tailed friends roost for the night, but it’s almost impossible unless I bring a big search light :).  But their daily itinerary seems to have the first stop at the Capitol area.  Sometimes they just ‘appear’ out of nowhere.

Mama didn’t stay long here and flew to the Cross and didn’t stay long there either.

Time to get the day going.  What best to start the day by taking a stroll of the Raleigh Skyline.

Fist, the Wachovia ( now Wells Fargo)

Next, the RBC (now PNC)

Last but not least, Progress Energy (now Red-Tail errrr Red Hat)

Finally settled on the antenna

Good Morning!




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