Raleigh Raptors – All in the Family

Oct 15

The day started beautifully with a bright orange glow emanating from the east.  As dawn broke, our Red-tailed friends took to the air.  Blynkie went to the AT&T antenna while Mama stopped by the Cross to enjoy a magnificent sunrise.

As the sun finally peeked above the horizon, the clouds in the sky behind Mama changed color from pink to orange.

Oct 16

Mama is a nature lover.  The day started with her watching the sunrise with Venus juxtaposed to her right.

No sign of Blynken or Papa this morning…. but by late afternoon, the golden rooster was sprouting a headpiece and the Raleigh Skyline was filled with Red-tails.

Papa dropped some ballast before taking off for a “flagpole-hopping” trip.

Flagpole at the Capitol

then to the flagpole at the Revenue building

before taking off and rendezvousing with Blynken in the air.

Here’s how far up in the air our Raleigh Air-Force was flying… (300mm lens from the Capitol)

Flying in Formation

And where was Mama?  Doing some banking at the Wells Fargo 🙂 No doubt watching the air show.

Why do they call us ‘Red-tail’?  This is why 🙂


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