Raleigh Raptors – All In the Family – Part Deux

The day began with a Hawk sitting atop the Cross on the 1st Presbyterian Church.  The tower was lit, so a little low-light photography with the help of a street light for support was in order.

A closer look revealed the hawk to be Papa.

Papa took off for an early morning workout.  Gotta keep healthy! Woo-hoo!

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, Mama stood on the Capitol’s flag pole.

And yet on another side of the pond, another hawk perched on the Wells Fargo.  Blynkie!

Oh, how nice.  The family’s together! Papa finished his morning workout and landed at the Wells.

Then joined Blyken for a front row view of Mama’s photo shoot by the Hawkaratzzi!

Photo shoot? What photo shoot?  Mama looked at me as if asking why I’m late.  Us bi-peds can’t fly! Sorry! 🙂

The photo shoot went well with Mama totally oblivious of the camera.

She didn’t mind a group of Starlings (I think) on the next light post and the Starlings didn’t mind Mama in their midst either.  I guess we all can live together 🙂

I guess these Starlings were waiting for their turn at the camera while Papa and Blynken watched from across the street.

More poses…

Papa had other things to do and took off.

One bird wanted to get some attention and flew in front of Mama.  Hey! Be careful!

Well, time to go.  Mama says thanks and I say you’re welcome. 

Now take care of that head of yours Mama.  I see some balding at the back of your head.  Hopefully, that’s just it, some lost feathers and not an injury.  Till next time, have a good weekend.


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