Raleigh Raptors – Watching the Wheels

Oct 22

The week started out with a flock of Egrets flying high over Downtown Raleigh, probably on their way to feed.

While the Egrets fly high, our Red-tailed friends make their first morning stop.  The Cross at the 1st Baptist Church.

Papa seemed to be having an itch and Mama didn’t stay long and took off.  Guess who took her place?

Who else? Blynken!  They exchanged hello’s and Papa went on his way.

Good Morning, Raleigh!

Blynk didn’t stay long as well and took off after Papa.

Oct 23

Mama was solo on the Cross and took flight.

Suddenly, there were 2 Red-tails in the air as it seems like Blynken is never far behind.  At seven months, he is just about as big as Papa now.

I’m not sure how the next sequence happened, but it looked like Papa was also in the area and he waited for the coffee shop at the Wells Fargo to open.  While waiting, he “Watched the Wheels” go by along Fayetteville Street.

Watching the Wheels

In my last post, I thought it was Mama who had a “white patch” on the back of her head, but it looks like I was wrong.  It’s Papa.  Whether it’s just a lost of feathers or some injury, I don’t know.  I’ve asked 2 experts and will update once I hear from them.

UPDATE: According to John Gerwin – Bird Curator of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences it could be a few possibilities: molting or nasty pecks from Crows and/or Blue Jays. 

 I’ll keep an eye 🙂

Papa tried out his ‘legs’, after all, all these bi-peds use them regularly 🙂

Ah, what the heck. Have wings, will fly.

Even for short distances :).  Dang, when will that Coffee shop open? 🙂

I guess I’ll try these ‘feet’ again.  Hmmm….

Flying is the way to go!


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – Watching the Wheels

  1. How fun and how wonderful you are able to keep track of who is who! Thanks for investing your time in sharing this enchantment! One of “my” red- tailed hawks (in the Colorado Rockies) has a large white patch on the back of his head. I think it’s just a marking. I wonder if it is a “male” marking.

    • Thanks! After 2 years, I still sometimes get confused on who’s who. Papa is the smaller bird and Mama has more ‘brown’ in her breast feathers. Her legs are also bigger compared to Papa’s.
      Blynken (the kid) of course, has striped tail feathers.

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