Raleigh Raptors – Papa’s head injured?

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Now to the news…

Several weeks ago, I reported that Papa had something at the back of his head besides the usual feathers.  It looked like a scar/scab of some sort.

(see https://opienc.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/)

Calling on the experts.  What do you think this is?  Was this an injury that healed, too much head-scratching or something else like just loosing his hair…  err feathers?

If you know someone that’s a avian medical expert, please forward this page.  I’ll be glad to send higher-res images.

Thanks! Danke! Xie Xie, Arigato, Salamat, Spacibo, Hvala, Merci, Gracias, and in Klingon  – qatlho


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – Papa’s head injured?

  1. The fact that it’s been there for weeks means it isn’t just head molt. Hard to tell from the pictures, but if he’s scratching it, I’d guess it’s an itchy scab. It’s kind of weird for a scab to last that long, though. Maybe his mate is over-enthusiastic about preening him?

    There have been reports of birds losing feathers on the head – sometimes the entire head goes bald! – and it’s thought to be due to feather mites, but not known for certain. In that case the birds have often been seen months later in good condition and fully feathered, so clearly it’s not too bad for them. I’ve only heard of it in smaller songbirds so far, but if it is mites, there’s no reason raptors might not get it too.

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