Raleigh Raptors – Mystery Morning

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And now, back to the news!


November 29

I took an early morning stroll around the Capitol grounds but couldn’t find any of our Red-tailed friends.  But before leaving, I checked the rooftops and heard a familiar wail.  I found Blynken on the roof, wailing.  What?  After all this time, he’s wailing again?  Maybe winter time is more difficult to find food and he has to ask Mom and Dad for help?

rth1129 (1 of 21)

Blynk wailed and looked westward, but I didn’t see Mama and Papa anywhere.  He took a short hop to the next building.

rth1129 (2 of 21)

rth1129 (3 of 21)

He didn’t stay long and flew further west.

rth1129 (5 of 21)

What? Wailing at the moon?

rth1129 (6 of 21)

He didn’t stay long here either and flew off.  I didn’t see where he landed but decided to walk towards Salisbury street via the Wells Fargo (actually Cafe Carolina) cafe.

Just before I stepped onto Salisbury street, I saw…

rth1129 (7 of 21)

No wonder Blynken was wailing!  I wasn’t sure what Mama and Papa were doing.

There was nothing that looked like food on the ground, but what do I know? They have sharper eyes than us!

Here’s a wide angle shot on all 3 of the RTH’s (and a dust bunny :)).

rth1129 (8 of 21)

Blynken took off and landed at the water tower.

rth1129 (11 of 21)

Papa took off…

rth1129 (9 of 21)

and Mama followed a few seconds later.

rth1129 (10 of 21)

Where were they headed?  Apparently, it was just around the corner, to a tree next to the AT&T building.

rth1129 (13 of 21)

Blynken quickly followed and waited atop the AT&T building.

rth1129 (12 of 21)

Papa and Mama were on to something and baby boy was waiting for… breakfast, I guess!

But they didn’t dive for anything and flew off the tree and landed nearby at the church building.  I was able to catch a quick shot of the pair before Papa took off.

rth1129 (14 of 21)

Mama looked at something on the ground but didn’t give chase and took off.

rth1129 (15 of 21)

I thought it was over and done but as I walked over to Salisbury street, there they were again!

Papa was on a buildings’ roof while Mama returned to the lampost.  What was it in that area that was so interesting to them?

rth1129 (18 of 21)

rth1129 (20 of 21)

Both Mama and Papa soon flew off and I wasn’t able to track them no more.

rth1129 (21 of 21)

rth1129 (19 of 21)

Were they training Blynken or were they hunting? Unfortunately, it was something I would never find out.


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