Raleigh Raptors – Capitol Residents

December 7: Raleigh’s Raptors salute our men and women in the military.

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Here we are a few weeks before Christmas and our Red-tailed friends are keeping us company.

December 3 – afternoon

The morning of December 3rd was pretty quiet with no sign of the RTH’s Either I was late or the RTH’s overslept :), but by late afternoon, one hawk was at the Capitol.  It was Mama.

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Ah, yes. What could be more relaxing than standing on one talon.  The human equivalent would be sitting with your legs crossed.

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December 4

With the trees devoid of leaves, the Red-tails’ large frame makes them stand out in the trees.  Papa was on the tree next to the Capitol and stayed there for a good while.  I waited for him to take off, but no sir, he had other plans.

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I circled around the Capitol and looked back at the Cross hoping to catch the rest of the gang and sure enough, Mama was there.  She stayed for a few minutes then took off on a short hop to say hi to ‘Goldie Hen’.

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Hi, Cousin!

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December 5 – Early Morning

I walked towards the Capitol and chatted with Matt, the grounds-keeper.  He pointed me to a hawk on the tree right next to the ‘tree of light’.

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Papa was right above.  He was observing and looked ready to pounce.  There were quite a few squirrels on the ground, but he didn’t jump at them and I had to get to work :).

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On my drive home that afternoon, I spotted a figure on top of this Cross.  I had to stop 🙂 and check out who it was.  The weather was pretty dreary and lighting was poor.  I’m not sure, but if I were to take a guess, this was Mama.

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What say you, oh young padawan? Was this Mama or Papa? And BTW, have you seen Blynken?

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