Raleigh Raptors – A hunting I will go

Sightings of the Red-tails have been few in the past days.  Needing to do my mail, I had to drive downtown.  I took my gear with me, hoping for a few sightings.  It was a good call, not much, but found our friends on E. Davie and Blount Streets.

I’m not sure if this is Papa or Mama (my guess? Papa), but it was hanging out in the old former Two Progress Plaza Building.

Dec17 (1 of 7)

Across the street on cell tower duty, was our boy, Blynken.

Dec17 (2 of 7)

He was looking around and around and around then, BAM! Took a steep dive, straight down!

Dec17 (3 of 7)

I didn’t see him catch anything, but no doubt, Papa was watching.  Good boy, Blynkie fending for yourself.

Dec17 (4 of 7)

On my way home that afternoon, I saw a hawk on the Capitol.  I had to stop and check it out.  It’s Blynkie.

Dec17 (5 of 7)

Several Crows were on a tree right across the capitol and they were creating quite a scene, flying in and out of the tree and cawing incessantly.  Blynk got a little spooked and took off not wanting to tango with the crows.

Dec17 (6 of 7)

Dec17 (7 of 7)

Our boy is still in town.  Breeding season starts in about 2 months.  Will Blynken do like Babe did last year?  We’ll see.

Till then, Papa, Mama and Blynken wishes y’all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – A hunting I will go

  1. Just drove into town and saw one of our friends swooping up into one of the trees in the park @ 3 pm. Was driving, so did not get good look. Jack

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