Raleigh (and Manhattan) Raptors : City Life is Just Fine

I’ve reached a small milestone!  This is my 100th blog post and it will be my last for the year 2012.

Some of you might be wondering what’s Manhattan got to do in this blog so let’s start locally first.

December 17

With the weather finally clear and the sun creeping up the horizon, I found Papa on NC flag on the State Capitol building.

dec17 (3 of 8)

Papa just stood there and looked around (and at me) as he probably just awoke.  Yawn!

dec17 (4 of 8)

Meanwhile, several Robins stood on a tree across from Papa and watched him intently.

dec17 (5 of 8)

Papa finally took off…. but on a real short hop to the next flag pole,  the US of A.

dec17 (6 of 8)

After a quick stop, it was time to get going.  Need to catch me some breakfast.

dec17 (7 of 8)

See y’all next year!

dec17 (8 of 8)

December 23

Okay.  What about Manhattan?  Well, I was there this past Sunday and while taking wide-angle shots of the Manhattan skyline from the 86th floor of the Empire state building, I saw something ‘float’ to the 86th floor.

Naturally, my camera took a life of its own and started focusing on the ‘thing’. 🙂 Can you find that object in the next photo?

Unidentified Floating Object

nyraptor (1 of 1)

Pardon the shots as they aren’t best.  I had the ‘wrong’ lens for birding (used a wide-angle lens for the landscapes), nor did I have the space to maneuver (observation deck was packed with tourists) and my hands frozen from 30+ degree weather and wind.

nyraptor (1 of 1)-2

At first I thought it was a Seagull…

nyraptor (1 of 1)-3

But a Seagull it wasn’t… and a Raptor it was!  I can’t put a positive ID on the bird and have passed it along to an expert. I’ll update this blog once I get the info.  My guess is this was a Peregrine Falcon due to that black ‘mask’ on the eye, but I could be way off.  – edit John Gerwin confirmed that it is indeed, an adult Peregrine Falcon.  Cool!

nyraptor (1 of 1)-4

With no time to switch camera settings, I just had to press the shutter before this bird disappeared!

nyraptor (1 of 1)-5

This raptor floated effortlessly without flapping its wings even once.  It floated up to the upper observation deck which is I over 1000 feet high!

Looks like city living has become quite common for these Raptors.  In Raleigh, tress are all around and in Manhattan, there’s Central Park so food is a plenty.

City life is just fine.

See y’all next year.

nyc (1 of 1)


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