Raleigh Raptors – Flight 1713

This is Captain Blynken RT Hawk speaking.  Welcome to Air Blynken Flight 1713 to the East of Edenton.   This aircraft is state-of-the-art with a dual warp-wing engine that will cut our flight time to no more then 1 minute (awesome)!

airblynk (1 of 4)

Seat backs upright and store those tray tables.  Fasten your seat belt and turn off all electronic devices.

Flight crew, get ready for departure.

airblynk (2 of 4)

We are cruising at 70 feet and to your right is the History Museum and to the front is the Raleigh Capitol and… oops.  Okay,  everyone back to your seats and slap on those seat belts.  Crew prepare for landing (already?).

airblynk (3 of 4)

Tower control, this is Air Blynken flight 1713 requesting permission for landing.

airblynk (2 of 9)

Roger Air Blynken 1713, you are cleared for landing on Space Port Goldie.

Landing gears down…

airblynk (4 of 9)

Flaps down…

airblynk (6 of 9)

Retro thrusters on max…

airblynk (7 of 9)

Engine cut off and…

airblynk (8 of 9)


airblynk (9 of 9)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to East of Edenton in Downtown Raleigh.

Thank you for flying with Air Blynken 🙂


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