Raleigh Raptors @ NC State

The week of January 14 has been quite rainy, foggy and generally dreary.  It wasn’t only until last friday that the sun was out shining.  I haven’t seen our Red-tailed friends that much, only a few quick glimpses here and there.  The nest however, shows signs that more new lumber has been added fairly recently.

ncstate (2 of 3)

ncstate (3 of 3)

On a different front, I went to NC state last Saturday and while eating lunch, I happened to see a few crows in the trees.  Hmmm, I wondered if there would be any hawks.  There were several trees by the parking lot.  I started looking around the bare branches and something caught my eye.

Can you find the raptor in this image?

ncstate (4 of 5)

Something caught my eye as I looked at the bare branches of this tree.  It was a juvenile Red-tail (could be a Cooper’s).

ncstate (3 of 5)

I only had my trusty Point & Shoot, but it worked out okay.  I had to get to the top deck of the parking deck for a better view.  There it stood, oblivious of all the students coming in and out of the engineering building and the cars from the parking deck.

ncstate (2 of 5)

The Surveyor

ncstate (1 of 5)

I went into the engineering building and when I came back out, it was no longer on the same tree.  I looked around and found it in another tree facing the construction site.

ncstate (5 of 5)

January 20

At a softball camp at UNC,  I saw a raptor fly over the UNC buildings along South Columbus street.  Alas, I was behind the wheel and couldn’t stop to take pictures :(.

These raptors are truly at home here in Raleigh and Chapel Hill for that matter. 🙂


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