Raleigh Raptors – They’re Back

The last two weeks of January 2013 was wet and cold and I didn’t see much of our Red-tailed friends.  However, February is a new month and they’re back!

Feb 5

Mama and Papa were busy ferrying fresh lumber from the Capitol lumber yard.

Feb5 (1 of 13)

Feb5 (4 of 13)

Feb5 (3 of 13)

Feb5 (2 of 13)

A quick peek at the nest reveals quite a bit more new lumber, some of which are considerably bigger in size.  Not quite a 2×2, but close 🙂  They must be expecting a big family this year!

Feb5 (10 of 13)

Mama made 2 trips, called it a day and rested atop the museum’s camera,  maybe watching Papa finishing up the morning chores.

Feb5 (8 of 13)

Papa went back several times to different trees.   Hmmm, oak or pine ?  No problem.  Capitol Lumber has both always in stock!

Feb5 (11 of 13)

Another trip…

Feb5 (7 of 13)

Kudos to the hard-working duo.

Feb5 (5 of 13)

After work, a well-deserved preening session was in order.

Feb5 (12 of 13)

Ahhh..  Time to relax.

Feb5 (13 of 13)

Looks like it’s going to be another Raleigh-Raptor year!

Watch for the Hawk-About sessions around the Capitol coming this spring!


7 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – They’re Back

  1. Fascinating post .Lovely sequence of pictures.l have seen birds build their nests in our front yard.There is love in every thing they do to raise their babies.Thank you for the visit and liking my post..Authentic Responsibility.Best regards.jalal

  2. Thank you Jordan for liking my post ( Vows…) have a wonderful day.jalal

  3. Yay! Someone else loves to watch the raptors! These are wonderful shots. It appears you are watching these guys, as the proverbial saying goes, “like a hawk”. Good for you. Thanks also for liking my post “Taking Flight”. Keep your eyes up to the sky.

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