Raleigh Raptors – Warning: Low Flying Aircraft

Feb 7

The day started out real cloudy and a tad cold and after walking around the Capitol, I found  squirrels and other birds, but no sign of Mama,  Papa or Blyken.  I headed down Salisbury street and lo and behold…

feb7 (1 of 14)

Mama was biting at something, but it turned out to be talon maintenance, a pedicure if you will :).  I think she just ate breakfast.

feb7 (2 of 14)

Mama flew off, short, to another light pole across the street.

feb7 (3 of 14)

feb7 (4 of 14)

feb7 (5 of 14)

Mama sat there and looked forward, back and down.  It must have been 5 minutes before she took off… right down into the parking deck!  What’s she doing there?  I looked down to see and there she was with more breakfast.

feb7 (8 of 14)

Note the bulge in Mama’s chest.  This means she just ate (I think).  But, more food is always good.  Besides, there’s Papa and that kid that might show up.  (Blynken did show up yesterday, albeit briefly).

Mama looked at me and probably said…

mine… Mine! MINE!

(reminds me of Yoda taking the light from R2D2 and those gulls from Nemo :))

feb7 (7 of 14)

A hunting we will go

feb7 (9 of 14)

Warning:  Low Flying Aircraft

feb7 (10 of 14)

Mama took her prize back across the street then flew off to a tree by the Capitol.

feb7 (11 of 14)

By then, several Blue Jays sounded the alarm and as I looked back at the Capitol, I saw another hawk race into a tree, then back to the nest.  It looked like Papa was busy fixing up their nest.  Hmm… must be getting close.  Last year, it was the end of February when Mama started sitting in the nest.

feb7 (13 of 14)

Look Ma! No Hands! 

Papa fixes up the nest, one stick at a time, using only his beak and occasionally, his talons.  Quite a feat if you asked me.

feb7 (12 of 14)

feb7 (14 of 14)

Papa flew to the Capitol and started preening.  A day’s work deserves a good preening.

feb7 (1 of 1)

Mama landed on a tree next to the Capitol.  I didn’t see her bring her catch and I’m not sure if she ate it or left it on a tree for Papa.  I observed this behavior first-hand last year when food was left on the tree for Babe (last year’s brood) to eat.

feb7 (1 of 1)-2

I’ll be posting the schedule for this year’s Hawk-About once it’s finalized.  If you’re in the Downtown Raleigh area this Spring, come join us for a Hawk-About to learn and observe these magnificent raptors.




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