Raleigh Raptors – Beak Pick

The past night has been all rain (we needed that) and I didn’t expect to see our Red-tailed friends this morning as there was still a slight drizzle.  But, I found Papa on a tree next east of the Capitol.  He didn’t stay long and before I could take more pictures, he took off!  Hmmm… what’s his hurry?

feb8 (1 of 11)

Papa flew in the direction of the AT&T building so I followed suit, on foot, of course 🙂  Perched atop the building were a pair of Red-tails.

feb8 (2 of 11)

I couldn’t tell right away who was who, but that’s Mama on the left and Papa on the right.  Mama took off in the direction of the Capitol.  I was caught in a dilemma.  Who do I follow?  They’re in opposite directions?

feb8 (3 of 11)

I took a quick peek at the hawk that took off and it looked like it had something in its talons.  I thought at first it was more lumber for the nest, but quickly concluded that it was a tail.  I decided to follow Mama.

feb8 (4 of 11)

I had to look at all the trees on the west side of the Capitol, hoping to spot Mama.  I found her on a tree next to the president’s monument. There she was  busy eating breakfast.

feb8 (5 of 11)

It took her about 10-15 minutes to finish breakfast and the last bite was a big one.

feb8 (6 of 11)

feb8 (7 of 11)

Nothing goes to waste.

feb8 (8 of 11)

After eating, birds always clean their beak by sliding it on a tree branch.

feb8 (9 of 11)

And when that’s not enough,  a toothpick …  errr beak-pick finishes things off.

feb8 (11 of 11)

Mama didn’t go unnoticed.  A Mockingbird flew in to harass her.

feb8 (10 of 11)

Look at that large bulge on Mama’s chest.  She’s filling and fattening up to lay her eggs soon.  Gotta make sure the eggs get the proper nourishment.

Keep watching.




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