Raleigh Raptors – Mama’s and Papa’s

Nest that is 🙂

Monday, Monday – was wet and raining.  Tuesday was cloudy, but dry.

I walked around the Capitol but didn’t see any of the Red-tails.  I took a peek at the nest and saw some movement! Something was in the nest!

From the front, it looked like it was Mama and she stayed there for a quite a few minutes, much longer than usual.  What was she doing?  Moving and arranging the furniture… errr lumber.

Feb12 (2 of 21)

This is how it looked from the back.  I had to raise the shadows in this shot as it was back-lighted.

Feb12 (1 of 21)

Papa wasn’t far behind and was also hard at work ferrying more nesting material.

Feb12 (3 of 21)

It looked like pine needles for cushioning of… their soon to be laid eggs!  No problem.  Capitol Lumber has all you need and for free!

Feb12 (4 of 21)

Pine needles could also be some sort of insect repellent, at least from what I’ve read.

Papa with a snip of pine needles between his beak

Feb12 (10 of 21)

Papa delivers the materials to the nest.  I wonder how many trips they take each time they have to rebuild their nest.  Maybe they could have the USPS drop ship their next batch of nesting materials.   Hmmm…. what address? 🙂

Feb12 (11 of 21)

Feb12 (13 of 21)

Notice how deep the nest has now become.  The nest can almost hide an adult Red-tail!  By looking at the top level of the nest against the shingles on the church steeple, I would estimate the nest to be at least 12 to 16 inches deep.

Feb12 (14 of 21)

Feb12 (15 of 21)

After a day’s work, Mama took a well-deserved preening break.

Feb12 (21 of 21)

While Mama preened, Papa was close by, in an adjacent tree.

Feb12 (18 of 21)

Here’s Mama up-close…

Feb12 (19 of 21)

Raleigh’s Raptors – A Salute to the Flag

Feb12 (20 of 21)

Nest activity has picked up tremendously as of the past 2 weeks.  I think we can expect Mama to start sitting in the nest by the end of February.

Keep watching!




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