Raleigh Raptors – A cold February morning

Monday, monday… February 18th was an unusually cold 19 degree day in Raleigh.  I walked up to the church steeple to check on the nest.  All’s quiet so I proceeded to the Capitol.  Up on the tree was an unmistakable silhouette of a Buteo jamaicensis.  The sun just peeked over the horizon but was high enough to illuminate the bird so I walked to the front to get a better shot.

feb18 (1 of 9)

Mama turned and looked at me.  Yes, Mama, it’s the hawkarattzzi :).  Hmmm, Mama looked quite ‘fluffy’.

feb18 (2 of 9)

Several squirrels moved about the tree but Mama just watched.  Little did I know Papa was on a lower limb from where Mama perched.  Papa took off with more nesting material.

feb18 (3 of 9)

Papa didn’t stay long in the nest and took off….

feb18 (4 of 9)

and bee-lined straight to where Mama was perched.  Mama was sort of hunched over and from my observations last year, I thought they would copulate.

feb18 (5 of 9)

And they did.

feb18 (6 of 9)

After which they stood together but just for a few seconds.  I tried to get a shot from the front, but there were too many tree branches blocking both birds, besides…

Just You and I

feb18 (7 of 9)

Papa didn’t stay long and took off towards the Science Museum.

feb18 (8 of 9)

Mama followed suit.

feb18 (9 of 9)

By then, my fingers were frozen, but it was a good photo-op morning.




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