By the light of the Sun

Feb 19 wasn’t as cold as yesterday, but I got in a tad late and only saw Papa as he flew south along Salisbury street, but not before doing a quick pit stop over at the flag.

feb19 (1 of 18)

But Papa didn’t stay long and before I could get in front for a better shot, he took off, fortunately for a short hop to do some banking at the Wells Fargo.

feb19 (2 of 18)

The sun had just peeked over the horizon and what better time to go for a spin.  While Papa sat on the Wells, I saw Mama airborne and she circled the area several times.  She was back-lit, but I thought that also made for an interesting composition.  The clouds in the background were orange-pink and I thought even though back-lit, it was pretty.

feb19 (3 of 18) feb19 (4 of 18)

At times, the sunlight would just light up edges of her wings or under belly and that’s an awesome sight.

feb19 (5 of 18) feb19 (11 of 18)    feb19 (6 of 18) feb19 (7 of 18) feb19 (8 of 18) feb19 (9 of 18) feb19 (10 of 18)

After all that exercise, it was off to the penthouse, an exclusive area for Raleigh’s pair of Red-tail hawks;  Papa soon joined her.

At first it looked like a First Date with both of them looking away and miles apart 🙂

First Date

feb19 (12 of 18)

But, a first date it wasn’t 🙂

feb19 (15 of 18)  feb19 (13 of 18) feb19 (14 of 18)

Here’s to give you an idea how high up they were. Yep. It’s an outdoor penthouse.

feb19 (1 of 1)

after which Papa made his best Superman errr…. Superhawk impersonation.  He dove off the Wells, folded his wings straight back and streaked towards the nest.  He was going FAAASSSSTTTT….

It’s a plane… it’s a bird (yeah)… it’s Super hawk Papa

feb19 (16 of 18)

Just as fast as Papa went, he was able to quickly slam on the brakes before shooting past the nest.

feb19 (17 of 18)

The nest is A-OK and ready for the next brood of Red-tails.

feb19 (18 of 18)

In two more weeks, I think we’ll get to see Mama in the nest.

Stay tuned!




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