Sharing and Caring

Feb 20

Another unusually cold day in downtown Raleigh.  A little warmer than this past Monday, but still cold, nonetheless. I walked towards the Capitol and saw Papa sitting on the crown.  No sign of Mama or Blynken.

Feb20 (1 of 16)

I checked the nest.  More twigs and pine needles, but no Mama.

Feb20 (2 of 16)

As I walked around the Capitol, I heard the familiar Red-tail sound.  I looked up at the trees along Edenton street and thought it must be Blynken, but I didn’t see any other hawk.  I heard the cry again and it seemed to be coming from the Capitol!

Feb20 (3 of 16)

Papa appeared to have something in his talons; A half-consumed prey.  While they can hunt pretty quickly, I didn’t think that he could have consumed the prey that quickly.    In the next image, it looked like there’s another talon attached to the prey. Hmm… did Papa snatch breakfast from Mama?

Feb20 (1 of 1)

As it turned out, Mama was also up on the roof and had already had her fill.  Check out her rather puffy chest.

Feb20 (4 of 16)

Mama took off and headed for another tree close by.

Feb20 (6 of 16)

She did what any trained hawk would do after a meal.  Clean her beak.  Food etiquette, if you will.

Feb20 (7 of 16)

Ah, yes, those pesky Blue Jays are never far behind.  Mama just ignored them.

Feb20 (8 of 16)

Meanwhile, Papa was having his fill.

Feb20 (9 of 16)

After several mouth fulls, Papa took off… and where are you going, Mr. Papa?

Feb20 (10 of 16)

Papa headed straight for the… nest?  Are there eyasses to feed?  I doubt and Mama wasn’t there, or at least I didn’t think she was there.

Feb20 (11 of 16)

Finding no one in the nest, Papa stormed out less than a minute later with food dangling from his beak.

Feb20 (12 of 16)

He landed on the same tree where he ate earlier.  I didn’t see what happened next, but the next thing I knew,  Papa and Mama were together.  Can you find both of them in this image?
Feb20 (13 of 16)

Here it is from a different angle.  Papa is on top and Mama at the bottom.

Feb20 (15 of 16)

But wait…  Where’s the food?  Papa had nothing with him and …

Feb20 (14 of 16)

Awww…. How sweet.  He gave or should I say, returned it  to Mama who gladly consumed it.

Feb20 (16 of 16)

That’s sharing and caring for ya.




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