In the skies above Downtown Raleigh

Feb 21, late afternoon.

The weather report called for rain in the afternoon, but we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and the Red-tails took advantage of this weather, cruising and relaxing about their exclusive outdoor penthouse at the Wells.

Feb21pm (1 of 27) Feb21pm (2 of 27)

But while one hawk rested at the peak of the Wells Fargo (this was Blynken), another hawk dove in from the west, knocking Blynken off his perch.  So much for relaxation!

Feb21pm (3 of 27) Feb21pm (5 of 27) Feb21pm (7 of 27)

At first I thought this was Mama, but on further review, this was NOT Mama nor Papa but another Red-tail.  And it was a juvenile!  Who was this other hawk?  Could it be Babe from the other year (2011)?  It couldn’t be Babe since 2 years has passed and her tail feathers would have already turned russet-red.  This other hawk’s tail feathers had the markings of a juvenile and it was a BIG juvenile. Check out that wing span.

Blynken took off for a lower perch, but this other hawk continued to harass him and the pigeons that were in the area.

Feb21pm (8 of 27) Feb21pm (9 of 27)

Intruder, Alert!

Feb21pm (10 of 27)

Here’s another look at the intruder.

Feb21pm (11 of 27) Feb21pm (12 of 27)

While all that action was going on in the west side of the building, Mama landed on their penthouse. Papa soon followed and flew in from the east.

Feb21pm (13 of 27) Feb21pm (14 of 27)

And Blynken sought the safety of his parents and followed suit.

We are Family!

Feb21pm (16 of 27)

Aw, Papa, not in front of the kids! 🙂

Feb21pm (18 of 27)

The intruder did not go unnoticed as our resident Red-tails looked up.  Question now was, who’s job was it to chase it away?

Feb21pm (23 of 27)

And the honor went to our fearless tiercel, Papa.  This was how it looked in the skies above downtown Raleigh.

Feb21pm (24 of 27) Feb21pm (25 of 27)

Papa circled with the intruder who promptly took off.

Feb21pm (26 of 27)

I’m not sure who this was, but I think it was Papa, taking his place at downtown Raleigh’s highest peak.  All intruders, please take notice as…

This is MY town.

Feb21pm (27 of 27)

Awesome.  Even hollywood couldn’t have done any better. 🙂




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