Picking the right stuff

Feb 25 started out with nice orange-pink hues from the rising sun.  I thought it was going to be a nice day to photograph our Red-tailed friends, but as I arrived at the Capitol, grey clouds permeated the skies and made for difficult and poor lighting.

I didn’t see any of the RTH’s around the Capitol, but I saw one fly around the Wells towards downtown.  But it didn’t fly off, but instead stuck around in a building across from the Wells Fargo.  I was able to squeeze of a few shots as she (it was Mama) took off.

Feb25 (1 of 15)

I circled around to the nest and had to rush as both hawks landed on the nest one after the other. The first hawk had something hanging from its beak.

Feb25 (2 of 15)

Less than a minute later, Papa took off from the front and…

Feb25 (3 of 15)

Mama followed shortly, with something in her beak.  Breakfast.

Feb25 (4 of 15) Feb25 (5 of 15)

Mama landed on a tree next to the Capitol and ate.  It wasn’t a very big prey, but it’s food and she finished it quickly.

Feb25 (6 of 15)

Next, it was off to work.  To the Pine tree for some bedding material.  As always, when they fly into this pine tree, expect them to bring something with them to the nest and it’s always (as I’ve observed) pine needles.

Feb25 (7 of 15)

Bedding Material

Feb25 (8 of 15)

Mama delivered the pine needles to the nest and took a few minutes fixing up the nest.  Then she turned around and I thought she would fly off, but she did something I didn’t expect.  Check out this next sequence of images.  Mama actually looked around the nest for the “RIGHT STUFF” (nesting material) and tippy-toed to the edge of the nest to get it.

Feb25 (9 of 15) Feb25 (10 of 15)

With wings outstretched for balance, she gently picked up material at the edge of the nest with her beak.

Feb25 (11 of 15) Feb25 (12 of 15)

I’m not sure what this was, but I’m sure Mama knows what’s best for her upcoming eyasses.

Feb25 (1 of 1)-2

With the morning’s work completed, it was off to relax at the Capitol.

Feb25 (14 of 15) Feb25 (15 of 15)

Stay tuned!




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