Feb 26, 2013

The weatherman forecasted rain and rain we got.  Mama was on the tree next to the Capitol but I couldn’t take any images, not in this downpour.

So like TV shows, sometimes there’s nothing new and we get to see that old show from yesteryear. For the benefit of those just joining us, let’s take a trip back memory lane to March 1, 2012…

At this time last year, the nest was complete and Mama was seen sitting for extended periods on the nest.  One of the fab-four (from 2011), “Babe” stayed around and helped with materials delivery.

Kids can be good

Mar12012 (3 of 11)

Mar12012 (5 of 11)

Not just materials delivery, but Babe even helped to “weave” the nest

Mar12012 (6 of 11)


Mar12012 (4 of 11)

Mama had just probably laid eggs and was incubating them so naturally, Papa had do to the food shopping.

Mar12012 (8 of 11)

Mar12012 (7 of 11)

Here, Papa delivers lunch for Mama, but someone was flying closely …

Mar12012 (9 of 11)

Babe was right behind and landed seconds after Papa and did a bad, bad thing…

Mar12012 (10 of 11)

Babe swiped the food out and took off!

Kids can be mischievous

Mar12012 (11 of 11)

I haven’t seen Babe for over a year, and that’s normal as the juvenile RTH’s grow up, they’ll leave and look for their own territory.  Hmm… I wonder if that 4th raptor from last Thursday was Babe?

Skies above downtown Raleigh

In last thursday’s blog, I didn’t think it was Babe because it’s been 2 years and her tail feathers would have already turned russet-red.  But from what I’ve read, full maturity could take 3-4 years, so it still could have been Babe as Papa and Mama were not that aggressive in chasing off the “intruder”.  Maybe she just came back to say hi. 🙂




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