Time of the Season

Feb 27.  It was a tad before 7 AM and both Mama and Papa were on the tree next to the Capitol.  It was so dark that these shots look better in black and white.  They copulated after which Papa flew off to the front side of the Wells.

Feb2728 (1 of 15) Feb2728 (2 of 15)Feb2728 (3 of 15)

I waited for Papa to take off, but he was intent on staying where he was.  Another hawk circled the Wells and flew south.  It was Blynken, on cell tower duty.

Feb2728 (4 of 15) Feb2728 (5 of 15)Feb2728 (6 of 15)

Mama was by herself on the tree.  It seemed that these past weeks, Mama has been quite close to the nest.  Egg laying time must be close.

Feb2728 (7 of 15)

Meanwhile, a flock of large birds flew high, very high overhead.  I’m not sure what these black wing-tipped birds were.

Feb2728 (8 of 15)

Maybe someone can ID? Seagulls? Here is a closer look.

Feb2728 (1 of 1)

Feb 28

Ah, the end of February.  I stopped at the Capitol a little bit late and only caught Blyken on the crown.  He didn’t stay long either and off he went.

Feb2728 (9 of 15)

Late afternoon,  the nest was busy.  A hawk flew in but I was too far and trees were blocking my view.  At the nest, there were 2 hawks.  I assumed both Mama and Papa were in the nest.

Feb2728 (10 of 15) Feb2728 (11 of 15)

One hawk took off with something in its beak.  I assumed this was Papa, but, I was wrong. Look closely.  Who’s this fella?  That’s NOT Papa.

Feb2728 (1 of 1)-2

It’s our boy, Blynken!  I guess Mama is okay so far with Blynken close by.  That might change once she starts laying eggs and when they hatch!

Blynken took off with food!  Wasn’t that supposed to be for Mama? What’s going on here?

Feb2728 (12 of 15)

Mama stood by herself then turned and buried herself in the nest.  Has she laid eggs yet?  Like clockwork, this happened at around the same time last year when Mama started staying in the nest for long periods (around Feb 29/ Mar 1).

Feb2728 (13 of 15)

The nest is deep enough to cover Mama.  From the back, one can hardly make out Mama’s head.

Feb2728 (14 of 15)

From the front, it’s a little clearer as her Red-tail sticks out.

Feb2728 (15 of 15)

Looks like it’s the time of the season.

Hawk watchers, stay tuned!




3 thoughts on “Time of the Season

  1. How exciting! My hawks moved their nest so I will be missing out on this joyful experience in Colorado this year. At least I will still be able to enjoy their flyby visits! Thanks for your commitment to this blog!

  2. Those were indeed gulls…my friend at the johnston co landfill tells me a large flock of gulls has recently migrated to this area..he knows…they visit him..

    Can you give me some comparison or point of ref of the awesome vision of these animals?

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