Early morning stretch

March 1 –

Just like last year, Mama has started to stay in the nest for extended periods.   While I can’t be 100% sure there’s eggs  in the nest, i’m 99% sure there are :).

Mar1 (2 of 7)

Mar1 (1 of 7)

I waited around for Papa or Blynken to show up with food, but they were nowhere to be found.  Mama took off for a stretch and met up with Papa.

Mar1 (3 of 7)

Mar1 (4 of 7)

Early morning stretch

Mar1 (5 of 7)

3 hawks?  actually, the ‘hawk’ in the lower part of this image is a reflection of the hawk on top.

Mar1 (6 of 7)

Mar1 (7 of 7)

The incubation period for Red-tail hawk eggs is about 28-35 days (thanks google 🙂 ) so we should hope to see small furry blobs of cotton in the nest come April.




4 thoughts on “Early morning stretch

  1. Your photography is so wonderful and your writing and comments just add more to the enjoyment of keeping up with the hawks. Everyday when I walk across the Capitol square I look and listen for them.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

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