One In, One Out

March 6

The past few days had been raining and today was supposed to be no different, but we caught a break.  The nest is deep enough to cover most of Mama or Papa such that viewing from ground level is almost impossible.  One can only sometimes see a head or a tail poking out of the nest – if you’re lucky.

Mar6 (2 of 12)

I looked at the trees around the Capitol but didn’t find any other Red-tail. Next stop were the building tops. Looking at the Wells, I found one hawk  It was Blynken.

Mar6 (1 of 12)

Minutes later he took off southbound and disappeared, or so I thought.  At the PNC building, there were 2 new ‘fixtures’.  Hmmm… fixtures?  They were moving and were too big to be pigeons.  One of them took off and headed towards Goldie Hen.

      Mar6 (3 of 12) Mar6 (4 of 12)

I thought Mama would make a stop over on Goldie, but she didn’t and instead proceeded to the nest.  Less than a minute after Mama landed, the nesting Red-tail (Papa) took off for his turn to stretch.  Much like last year, the parents take turn incubating the eggs and almost never leave the eggs unattended.  If they do, it’s only for a short time and one of them is always close by.

One In, One Out

Mar6 (5 of 12) Mar6 (6 of 12)

Papa didn’t go far and landed on the Cross at the 1st Presbyterian church.  Blynkie flew around as if enticing Dad to “Come on dad! Let’s go for a ride”

Mar6 (7 of 12) Mar6 (8 of 12)

Papa obliged and why not?  Have wings, will fly.

Mar6 (9 of 12) Mar6 (10 of 12)

I didn’t see where they flew to, but upon turning into Blount street I looked up and saw Papa preening.

Mar6 (11 of 12)

Here’s our faithful and dependable tiercel – up-close.  I think he looks rather charming. 🙂

Mar6 (1 of 1)

Don’t forget Hawk Walk 2013 – here’s the link Hawk Walk 2013




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