Daily Routine

March 11

With the switchover to daylight savings time, what used to be bright at 7:30 looks pretty dark. But with a little patience and help from a forecasted ‘sunny’ day, it wasn’t all a waste.

I looked around and saw no Red-tails.  The nest was quiet and whoever was there was buried deep in the nest.  A few Blue jays rang out their usual warning alarm.  I looked around hoping to spot Mama or Papa or Blynken, but… nothing. Hmmm… what were those Blue jays blaring about?  Then I looked at the top of the Revenue building and saw this bird.  It was too big to be a Blue jay and too small to be a Red-tail.

What was it?  A raptor it was.  A juvenile Cooper’s hawk.  It didn’t stay long and took off southbound on Salisbury.

Mar11 (1 of 9) Mar11 (2 of 9)

I tried to catch up to it hoping it would land in one of the other buildings, but it kept going south.  Oh, well.  I walked further east on Morgan street looking at familiar Red-tail perching spots and found one that was ‘occupied’.

Hi, Mama!  I guess Papa has the nesting duties this morning.

Mar11 (3 of 9) Mar11 (4 of 9) Mar11 (5 of 9)

I went back during my lunch break and found a nesting parent but  I couldn’t tell from ground level who it was.  So a little patience was in place, waiting for the exchange of duties to occur.  And my patience was rewarded.

Mar11 (6 of 9)

Papa flew in not with food, but with bedding material and seconds later, Mama took off.

Mar11 (7 of 9) Mar11 (8 of 9) Mar11 (9 of 9)

Hmmm… Mama seemed to look a little thin.  Time to stop by the market.

It’s been 12 days since Mama started sitting in the nest.  While no one knows for sure how many eggs there are in the nest,  what’s sure is that there are eggs.  We’ll find out in another 3 weeks how many new Red-tails will join the Raleigh Raptors this season.




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