Scenes at the Nest

it’s been quite tough getting any shots of the Red-tails.  Daylight savings makes early mornings dark and difficult to take any shots.  Moreover, the hawks skirt in and out of the nest in less than 30 seconds so any inattention to the nest area results in missed opportunities :(.

Anyway, for those just joining us, here is a comparison of the nest from 2011, 2012 and today.

Circa 2011

nest2011 (1 of 1)

Circa 2012

nest2012 (1 of 1)

Today (2013)

nest2013 (1 of 1)

The nest size (area) hasn’t gotten any bigger since there really is no space to build on beyond the edges of the steeple, but the nest has definitely become taller/deeper.  Year after year, the added material piles up, but it also decomposes and shrinks back down.

Besides the occasional, quick transfer-of-duty between Mama and Papa, there isn’t much happening at the nest site.


Mar15 (2 of 5)


Mar15 (3 of 5)

Just the head…

Mar15 (5 of 5)

or the tail…

Mar15 (1 of 5)

However, in about 2 weeks time, we should start seeing food being delivered to the nest and the occasional ‘guard hawk’ around the steeple area.  Last year, Kassie the Kestrel nested in the  building diagonal to the Red-tails’ nest.  Kassie gave Mama such a tough time last year.  I haven’t seen Kassie yet and hope he will be back this year to nest in the same spot.




2 thoughts on “Scenes at the Nest

    • yes, but very strategic. no other way up except from the air or a really long ladder. some sun in the morning and in the afternoon.
      the Church’s steeple protects it from adverse weather as well.

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