Early Morning Visit

Between work and weather, I haven’t had much time nor luck to catch our Red-tailed friends.  Unusually cold weather has prompted the nest-dutied Red-tail to hunker down, often resulting in images of “nothing but tail”.

mar 2527 (3 of 11) mar 2527 (4 of 11) mar 2527 (5 of 11)

Some days the nest is just really quiet and the only ‘noise’ is from a typewriter-like clacking coming from a Magnolia tree by the Capitol.  Who’s that typing?  It’s this little fella and boy, can he type! 🙂

mar 2527 (1 of 11) mar 2527 (2 of 11)

But, as often is the case, patience is rewarded.  I haven’t seen much of Blynken in the past 2 weeks and I’ve wondered if he’s moved on.  Today proved that he has not and he’s probably not leaving till he’s 18! 🙂

Early morning visit

mar 2527 (7 of 11)

Blyken flew in from the south west and entered from the back of the nest.  The nesting adult (Papa) took off.

mar 2527 (8 of 11) mar 2527 (9 of 11)

Hmmm…. I thought, great!  They’ve hired a nanny!.  No such luck as Blynken took off just seconds after Papa did, leaving the eggs exposed to the cold.   Irresponsible? Oh, well, maybe not Blynk’s  ‘job’ title 🙂

side note: something seems to be stuck to the side of Blynken’s beak. Hopefully, it’s just a feather and not some sort of injury.

mar 2527 (1 of 1)

The eggs can NOT be left exposed to this cold weather and less than a minute later, one of the adults flew in to take over the nesting duties.  I’m not sure who it was as I was busy ‘chimping’ on my camera. and only saw the ‘tail’ end of the landing :(.

mar 2527 (11 of 11)

Less than 2 weeks to go before the eggs hatch.

This should be exciting.

Stay tuned!





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