Give the hawkarattzi the slip

March 28

The weatherman forecasted plenty of sunshine and that’s what we got.  It was still unusually cold, however.

mar 28 (1 of 8) mar 28 (2 of 8)

As the sun rose a little higher, the nest appeared brigher, but the resident Red-tail remained motionless.  The other birds were already air borne and headed towards their feeding grounds, but not the RT’s.

At lunch time was a different story.  I spotted this high-flyer and it turned out to be Blynken.  He continued to fly towards the nest area and I thought he would land, but he continued on westward.

mar 28 (3 of 8) mar 28 (4 of 8) mar 28 (5 of 8)

Looking to the east, I saw another Red-tail land on the Pine tree, no doubt to bring fresh pine leaves to the nest. I told myself, “Okay, the usual one-in, one-out exchange is about to begin”, but I was wrong.

Papa took off from the Pine tree but instead of heading towards the nest, made a left turn and landed on the oak tree west of the Capitol.  I positioned myself for the best incoming and outgoing shot, but my colleague started saying the resident Red-tail had just left the nest and flew west!

mar 28 (6 of 8) mar 28 (8 of 8)

Huh?  What happened to the one-in, one-out?  Apparently she knew Papa was on his way in and took off before Papa landed.  Amazing how that was communicated between the two.  No cell phone needed! 🙂

Seemed like Mama gave the hawkarattzi the slip today 😦

One-in, one-out can now be one-out, one-in 🙂




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