It Won’t Be Long Now… yeah…

April 1st started out wet and rainy and Mama (I think) was hunkered down really low in the nest as the rains from last night continued to fall.

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But, the rains did not continue and gave way to a bright and quite delightful 65 degree day.  With warmer weather, the on-duty Red-tail usually sits up a littler higher.  I waited for the exchange to occur, but the relief Red-tail was nowhere in sight.

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However, this Mockingbird was about 5 feet away and was chirping happily; so I couldn’t resist and took his portrait :).

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Another bird, a sparrow, landed and wasn’t too concerned about the hawkarattzzi so I took his portrait as well.

Seems like spring is in the air  at least for today as the forecast for the rest of the week will bring temps back to the 30’s 😦

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Next, a quick peek on the Wells showed nest-relief was on its way.

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A little over ten minutes later, the hawk on the Wells took off and flew east.  I didn’t see it circle above, but the next thing I knew, it was flying westbound and headed straight for the nest.  As is usually the case, the in-bound Red-tail is almost never empty handed except it wasn’t bringing what I hoped would be bringing- meaning food!

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Just as Papa was close to landing, Mama got up and got ready to go.

Your turn, Papa

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Mama didn’t fly far, but took a real short hop to the Capitol for some well-deserved preening.

apr1 (8 of 12)

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apr1 (10 of 12)

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After which she took off, presumably to stretch and hunt.

apr1 (12 of 12)

Still no food delivery which means the eggs have not yet hatched.  With the assumption that March 1st was when the egg(s) were laid, today would be day 32.  Incubation is 28-35 days, so keep watching.  It won’t be long now!




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