Catching a little air… with Mama

We interrupt this program to bring you a special reminder:

1st hawk walk is this Thursday, April 4th at 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at the Mall along Edenton Street, downtown Raleigh, NC

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

As promised, the cold returned today bringing 35 degree temps in the morning.  Not a head nor a tail was visible, but an old friend passed right thru Edenton. It’s Kassie the kestrel.

apr2 (2 of 11)

apr2 (3 of 11)

Not a very good shot as it was still kind of dark, but good to know he’s back as well.  If you remember from last year, Kassie gave Mama such a hard time 🙂

apr2 (1 of 11)

Kassie’s Nest. Yes, he can fit into that small crack on the gutter.

apr2 (11 of 11)

At lunch time, a lone Red-tail stood on the crest of the Wells Fargo.  I waited for it to do the exchange, but no!  apr2 (4 of 11)

I wasn’t sure who this hawk was, but suddenly, there were 2!  As it turned out, hawk on the left was Blynken and on the right was Mama.  Nothing like catching a little air… with Mama.  Or maybe Mama was telling Blynken that he’s going to have new brothers and sisters soon and he shouldn’t hang around too close to the nest. 🙂

apr2 (6 of 11)

Mama took off to the back of the Wells and a few minutes later, she was charging towards the nest but at the last second, she turned around and flew west.  I guess she didn’t forget.  Need to bring something when entering the nest.  Pay toll 🙂

apr2 (7 of 11)

Mama came back with something in her beak.  Nope.  Not food, not yet.

apr2 (9 of 11)

Mama looked down into the nest as it

apr2 (10 of 11)

took a tad longer (not the usual 10 second exchange) before Papa got up and took off.

apr2 (1 of 1)

I browsed thru images from last year and the 1st food delivery to the nest occurred on April 11th and that’s just around the corner.

See ya!




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