Parental Duties

Like any responsible parent who just had a child, Mama and Papa have switched over to parent-mode as the eggs certainly have hatched.


Thanks to the Blue jays who made quite a racket, otherwise, I would have not seen Papa standing behind me on a light pole.

Apr910 (1 of 21) Apr910 (2 of 21)

Papa didn’t stay long as he had to do his duties.  First, a stop at the Pine tree to get some pine needles.  I’m not sure if that stuff at the base of the pine needles (pine cone?) is used by the Red-tails, but I’ve been seeing them pick pine needles with that stuff lately.

Apr910 (3 of 21)

After the pine needle drop off, it was off to hunt.  But first, a pit stop at the statue and the Wells Fargo.

Apr910 (4 of 21) Apr910 (5 of 21)

Apr910 (7 of 21)

Meanwhile, Mama started feeding the new kids on the block.

Apr910 (6 of 21)  Apr910 (8 of 21)

April 10

Mama was in the nest, not feeding, but just keeping the kids warm although it wasn’t cold. In fact, it was a nice 65 degree morning.  A far cry from the 30 degree temps of last week.

Apr910 (9 of 21)

I waited for Papa to show up with food, but minutes passed and nothing.  Then I saw a Mockingbird diving at ‘something’ on a light pole.   I couldn’t see clearly what that Mockingbird was upset about because of the trees, but could it be?

Find Papa in this next image

Apr910 (10 of 21)

I ran up to the light pole and … yes, it is

Apr910 (11 of 21)

Papa flew to the nearby tree and a Blue jay took over the duties of harassing Papa.  The Blue jays were relentless.  Now I think that bald patch/injury on Papa’s head was caused by Blue jays repeated pecking and scratching.

Apr910 (12 of 21) Apr910 (15 of 21)

Papa flew off and while I chased Papa, Mama seemed to have food in the nest and started feeding the younglings.

Apr910 (17 of 21) Apr910 (18 of 21)

She later took off with the food, perhaps to grab a bite herself.

Apr910 (20 of 21) Apr910 (21 of 21)

As I left the nest area, I saw Mama fly back to the nest with food.  I guess the younglings are more important. Way to go, Mama.




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