Division of Labor

Apr 11

Next Hawk Watch is April 15. (there was a typo in the original post)

It was fairly quiet early in the morning as Mama was feeding the younglings.  I though she would take off after feeding, but she decided to stay in. Oh, well.

Apr11 (1 of 11) Apr11 (2 of 11)

At lunch time, Mama was hunkered down in the nest and wasn’t feeding.  I waited for Papa to deliver food.   They’re so quick when they fly into the nest.  If you look away for more than 5 seconds, you could miss the incoming flight and that’s just what happened today. I didn’t see him fly in to the nest, but the next thing I knew, there he was with lunch!

I Hunt…

Apr11 (3 of 11)

Papa drops off food and takes off while…

Apr11 (4 of 11)

Mama chops up the food into tiny bite-sized morsels.

You feed

Apr11 (5 of 11)

Apr11 (6 of 11)

After feeding, the younglings are likely asleep and Mama took off to do some cleanup.  Mama landed on the Capitol and proceeded to clean her beak by wiping it against the metal crown.

Apr11 (7 of 11)

A little unloading (pooping on the nest would be baaaad) and off she went back to the nest to watch over the younglings.

Apr11 (8 of 11) Apr11 (9 of 11)

Very much like the bipeds that share their planet, the hawks also have division of labor.  Papa hunts, Mama feeds.  When the younglings (eyasses) grow bigger, Mama will start to hunt and Papa will stand guard.  More to come this spring!

About a hundred folks joined us for Hawk Watch and they got a treat!  Seeing a raptor deliver food and feed the young! What a day for Hawk Watch!   Join us for the next hawk watch scheduled for Monday April 15th.




2 thoughts on “Division of Labor

  1. No words can describe this excellent post.Many human don’t have that kind of love.jalal

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