I See You

The morning of Apr 22 started out at a cool 38 degrees.  Mama was in the nest protecting the younglings and none of them poked their heads out of the nest due perhaps to the cold.

Apr22 (1 of 20)

I was surprised, however, when Mama took off and left the younglings alone.  Where did she go?   Several minutes passed before she and Papa streaked across the nest but did not land on the nest. Instead, they landed on the nearly complete, brand-spanking-new SECU building. They got to see their reflection from the glistening glass planes covering the building.

I See Me

Apr22 (3 of 20)

Qui. C’est Moi

Apr22 (2 of 20)

A few minutes later, Mama took off and did some shopping,… some pine needles for the nest.

Apr22 (8 of 20)

Apr22 (9 of 20)

At lunch time, Mama sneaked out once again thru the backdoor and neither she nor Papa was anywhere to be found.  Minutes passed, no sign.  I took a quick peek at the Church Cross west of Edenton.  Lo and behold.  I found both of them on the Cross.  I started to move closer, but Mama took off, circled the nest area once and flew east.

Apr22 (12 of 20) Apr22 (13 of 20)

Minutes later, she came back to the nest with more pine needles.  Papa had also left the Cross and I had no idea where he flew to.

Apr22 (14 of 20)

Mama started to feed the younglings who were deep in the nest and not visible from ground level.  I waited for Mama to finish feeding, but a few minutes later, Mama moved towards the back of the nest.  She continued to feed, then took the food with her beak and took off.

Apr22 (15 of 20) Apr22 (16 of 20)

Mama didn’t go far, just next door to the Revenue building.  I thought she would take a bite herself, but no.

Apr22 (17 of 20) Apr22 (18 of 20)

About a minute later, she flew back into the nest with the food.

Apr22 (19 of 20)

Finally, the younglings emerged from the nest.

That’s Two.

Apr22 (20 of 20)

Are there more?  Quite possibly.  It was April 21 of last year when I first saw 2 of the eyasses, then a 3rd emerged a few days later.  So there is a good chance Mama and Papa  have more than 2 eyasses.

Don’t touch that dial 🙂




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