The Anthemion

Apr 25

Late afternoon – on my way home, I saw Mama visit her metallic cousin.  Need a break from the younglings 🙂

Apr2526 (1 of 16) Apr2526 (2 of 16)

Apr 26

The younglings were asleep while Mama stood guard at the dormer of the church steeple.  But, like any other day,  that tranquility is quickly shattered by pesky Mockingbirds.

Ahh… that itches 🙂

Apr2526 (4 of 16)

Apr2526 (5 of 16) Apr2526 (6 of 16)

But, Mama retained her composure, stayed aloof to the two Mockingbirds buzzing around her.

Finally, a youngling wakes up and catches a few rays.

Apr2526 (8 of 16)Apr2526 (7 of 16)

At lunch time, Mama flew in just as I arrived and there was no chance to see if she delivered any food.  She stayed in the nest, looking downwards, presumably at the younglings.  Minutes later, she stood up and started feeding.  Lunch is served!  It was windy and Mama had a…

Bad Feather Day

Apr2526 (10 of 16)

She wasn’t the only one serving up lunch.  A Mockingbird was also on its way to deliver lunch.

Apr2526 (9 of 16)

After feeding the younglings, Mama took off and headed to the Anthemion.

Apr2526 (11 of 16)

Where she was met by several Blue jays

Apr2526 (15 of 16)  Apr2526 (12 of 16) Apr2526 (13 of 16) Apr2526 (14 of 16)

Like the Mockingbirds, Mama ignored the Blue jays and after cleaning her talon and beak, she flew back to the nest.

Apr2526 (16 of 16)

Meanwhile, Papa was spotted in the air and later landed at the Wells. One thing looked a little strange. He had one leg hanging down during flight.  I hope he is not injured.

Apr2526 (1 of 1)-2 Apr2526 (1 of 1)-4

I still have not seen all 3 eyasses.  Hopefully by next week, they’ll be more active and venture more to the outskirts of the nest.




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