Rain, rain, go away

It’s been raining quite a bit for the past few days here in Raleigh.   There wasn’t much opportunity to take pictures and as the Red-tails, adults and younglings, were not as active either.

April 29

After a soaking wet rain, Mama did look quite ‘washed out’.

Apr2930 (1 of 11)

With a break in the clouds, Mama was on top of the Church’s spire and took off hunting while an eyas took a peek from the back of the nest.

Apr2930 (2 of 11) Apr2930 (3 of 11)

April 30 started out with a drizzle and fog, but there’s a job to do and Papa was on guard detail.

Apr2930 (4 of 11)

It started to drizzle a bit so I left the nest area.  After traveling a few blocks, I saw Mama on the church’s cross.  She was just enjoying the nice cool breeze, the drizzle and the fog. 🙂

Apr2930 (5 of 11)

By mid-day, the Red-tails were at both building peaks; Wells and SECU, after which they both took off and flew southwest, leaving the nest unprotected.

Apr2930 (8 of 11) Apr2930 (6 of 11) Apr2930 (7 of 11)

I guess that’s not so bad as the eyasses are now about a month old and big enough for smaller predators to think twice.

Apr2930 (9 of 11) Apr2930 (10 of 11)

The month of May starts today and guess what? Rain, Fog.  Hopefully, we’ll get better weather in the coming days.

Stay tuned.




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