Catching Some Rays

May 9

After several days of overcast and rainy mornings, finally, some great ‘Golden-Hour’ sunlight.  The kids know it and took advantage and caught some rays. The eyas on the rigth most is bigger than the other two.  It probably hatched earlier.

May9 (1 of 9)

May9 (7 of 9)

I’m Hungry!

May9 (6 of 9)

A Curious Eyas

May9 (5 of 9)

The Guardian.

May9 (4 of 9)

Ah, yes.  This is what wings are for and in a few weeks, it’ll take me to the air.

May9 (3 of 9)

May9 (2 of 9)

As for names, I’ve made a mistake on the streets.  The nest borders Edenton, Salisbury and Hillsborough, not Morgan.  So that selection of names should have been Eden, Sally and Hillary not Eden, Sally and Morgan.

So far, it’s either April, May and June  or Eden, Sally and Hillary.  Your other name suggestions are most welcome.

Some folks have asked when will they fledge?  If last year and the year before were any indication, it would be around Memorial day and that’s only about 3 weeks away.

Till then…




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