A Hunting We Will Go

May 10

Another nice ‘gloden-hour’ sunlight and like yesterday, the eyasses were all out to greet the sun.

Eden, Sally and Hillary

May10 (2 of 15)

They weren’t the only ones. I couldn’t resist this chirping Cardinal.

May10 (3 of 15)

By lunch time, Papa was busy hopping from building to building while the eyasses were quiet in the nest.  Maybe they were just fed?

May10 (4 of 15)

May10 (5 of 15)

Finally, Papa stopped at the steeple’s dormer and preened.  He stayed there for a good 20 minutes or so when…

May10 (6 of 15)

Something in the distance caught his attention.

May10 (7 of 15)

Papa took off and flew south.  I thought he would fly towards Nash square, but nope.

May10 (8 of 15)

Instead, he dropped his talons and went straight for a bird that was on a tree by the Church’s parking lot.

May10 (11 of 15)

He snagged the bird together with the branch it was on.

May10 (12 of 15)

A few Blackbirds gave chase but Papa wasn’t about to let his catch go.

May10 (13 of 15)

Papa dropped the food in the nest and took off as Mama watched from the Wells.  I guess that means it’s Mama’s turn to feed.

Happy Mama’s Day (advanced)

May10 (1 of 1)

Look Ma, I’ve got wings!

May10 (15 of 15)

The eyasses have changed physically quite a lot from last week and we’ll see more in the coming weeks.




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