Spread Your Wings

(but don’t fly away… at least not yet :))

Our younglings are starting to test out their flight gear.

Eden whispers to Hillary… “I believe you can fly!”

may16 (1 of 7)

Hillary: “Oh, yes!”

may16 (2 of 7)

Eden:  “So can I”

may16 (5 of 7) may16 (4 of 7)

Toiled-trained eyasses.

may16 (3 of 7)

Of the 3 eyasses, one of them (Hillary) has a much lighter chest feathers.  The other 2, Eden and Sally have more brown and they look almost identical.  Will this change as they age?  Maybe.  That will make identifying them more difficult.

Eden and Sally

may16 (7 of 7)

While the kids tested their wings, Mama on the revenue building with food and being harassed by both a Mockingbird and a Blue jay.  Mockingbirds and Blue jays normally don’t like each other, but when there’s a common adversary, I guess they team up!

may16 (6 of 7)

As the eyasses move about their home, a danger lurks.  The front part of the nest has a precarious overhang that could give way if an eyas plays to close to this edge.  Then it’ll be deja-vu all over again.

may16 (1 of 1)

The Memorial day week should be interesting as these eyasses are expected to fledge during that time.




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