Come Rain, Wind, Lightning and Thunder


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And now… the news…

June 13

The weather was pretty good early morning and the younglings practiced their hunting/handling skills atop the Revenue building.

june1314 (1 of 12) june1314 (2 of 12) june1314 (3 of 12) june1314 (4 of 12)

By late afternoon, the wind was starting to pickup strength which made for a bad “feather-day” and made it quite difficult to fly.

june1314 (5 of 12)june1314 (1 of 1) 

Come early evening, a line of very strong wind and rain swept thru the Raleigh area and brought down tree limbs and power lines.  Although not as bad as the tornado of April, 2011, this one had pretty strong stuff as well.

How did the younglings fare?

June 14

They got thru okay.  Eden, Hillary and Sally were all at the Capitol area waiting for a food drop.

june1314 (6 of 12)

june1314 (7 of 12)

One of the adults (I think Mama) was at the SECU, but didn’t make any food delivery.

june1314 (9 of 12)

While waiting, they younglings wailed as they flew from tree to tree to building to building.

june1314 (8 of 12)  june1314 (10 of 12) june1314 (11 of 12) june1314 (12 of 12)

Wailing and waiting for breakfast.

If the past 2 years were any indication, In the weeks to come, the younglings should start exploring more of downtown Raleigh.  They should be flying away from the Capitol and onto other buildings, cell phone antennas and other building tops.

Let’s hope none of them gets injured like what happened to Wynken and Nod last year.  BTW my book Raleigh Raptors – The Red-tail chronicles contains images of Wynken and Nod during this period. Nod went to the doctor and both of them were rehabiliated by the American Wildlife Refuge  and after rehab, they were released back to the wild.

Stay tuned.




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