Hillary “Patton”

June 18

‘Twas a dark and drizzly morning… making it difficult but not impossible to get images of our feathered friends at the Capitol. ( a little use of the flash helped :))

Two younglings were at the Capitol hopping from tree to tree to building.

june18 (1 of 1)

june18 (4 of 9)

I didn’t see the 3rd youngling until Eden (I think) took off and headed for the water tower where Sally was stationed.

june18 (8 of 9)

Meanwhile Papa and Mama were atop the Wells Fargo relaxing while the kids wailed.

june18 (3 of 9)

june18 (5 of 9)

Sometimes  I wonder what they must be ‘talking’ about.

Who’s turn is it to feed the kids?

june18 (9 of 9)

The 4th of July is just around the corner and here’s Hillary’s best impersonation of Gen. Patton.

Hillary ‘Patton’

june18 (2 of 9)




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