Perfect Practice makes Perfect… well, almost

June 26

I walked through the Capitol and found none of the fledglings.  Other birds were quiet as well.  But… there was a distant wail… that of a Red-tail hawk.  Yep, the younglings were on the building tops.

june26 (4 of 14)

Here’s the ‘electrician’ hawk…

june26 (7 of 14)

Hmm… let’s see… where does this wire go?

june26 (8 of 14)

The Patriots

june26 (2 of 14)

Of course they’re wailing.  Papa (I think) was right next door…

june26 (1 of 14)

And their training continues…

june26 (9 of 14)

Wait… looks like I got something….

june26 (12 of 14)

june26 (11 of 14)

Oh, yes…  a twig…  Good Job!

june26 (13 of 14)

These fledglings have been flying with talons down and swiping at tree limbs,  dive-jumping at things on the grass.  Definitely practicing their hunting skills.

This batch is MUCH more hunting oriented than last year or the the year before.

Way to go, kids!




3 thoughts on “Perfect Practice makes Perfect… well, almost

  1. One of the fledglings became trapped in the stairway at the Court of Appeals Building and Animal Control had to take it to the Raptors Vet to have it checked out. It seemed to be favoring one of it’s wings. I hope it is okay.

    • Susan,

      thanks. steve stone of the American Wildlife Refuge will be taking the hawk in for rehab. i’ll see if i can get more details and report it here.


      • Wed, June 26…2PM…Some workers from the new State Employees Credit building in down-town were on the way back from lunch and spotted a large Hawk on the Salisbury Street side back-porch of the NC Court of Appeals….(Ruffin Building) on the corner of Salisbury and Morgan streets on the SW corner of the Capitol. He appeared to have an injured wing. Raleigh PD was called and Animal Control came right over and scooped him up in a net and took him to bird re-hab. Earlier in the day around 10-AM three of the birds were seen by me in one tree right across the street on the Capitol grounds. One was eating a squirrel, a second was eating a bird and a third was screaming loudly! I assume hungry. A number of lunch-time walkers stopped by and took photos and watched the capture. A lady with her two kids doing a home school field-trip down town got photos with her kids who enjoyed the experience very much.
        All is well with the Hawk family down-town and we hope to hear about the health of the young one soon.
        Dick Ellis
        NC Court of Appeals

        dick, thanks for that report. I spoke with Steve Stone of the American Wildlife Refuge and he said he would be taking the hawk in for rehab.

        as yogi berra would say, it’s deja-vu all over again. hopefully, it’ll be okay and the other 2 that are still in the Capitol will be more careful.


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