Of Hats and Tails

July 5

The first few days of July had been quite rainy and I haven’t seen the younglings at the Hotel Capitol.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather, but they’re just nowhere to be found on the Capitol grounds.  There were plenty of squirrels, small birds and pesky Blue jays, but no Red-tails.  Have they checked out?

As with the younglings from last year and the year before, they usually move south and that’s where I found them.

One was in-flight and wailing for food.  She landed on a cell phone antenna.

july5 (3 of 8)

Mama and Papa were on one of their usual perches.  This used to be Two Progress Plaza

july5 (1 of 8)

But I figured Mama and Papa would be more comfortable with the new name 🙂

Red-tail Building

july5 (5 of 8)

july5 (2 of 8)

The other youngling seemed to be hunting just fine.  I hope the one wailing wouldn’t end up hurt.

july5 (8 of 8) july5 (7 of 8) july5 (6 of 8)




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