Let’s Wail!

August 2

Summer in Raleigh is moving along nicely.  While hawk sightings have been few and far in between, the whole family  sans Hillary, are still in downtown.

One juvenile was looking over Wilmington street.  Minutes later, she took a dive and I lost her in the maze of buildings.

aug2 (1 of 9)

I heard the distinct wailing sound of a juvenile Red-tail.  I looked around and spotted it on a rooftop, drying her wings.

aug2 (2 of 9)

She then took off and I lost her behind the buildings.

aug2 (3 of 9)

Good thing is that they didn’t go far.  Both ended up on another building top.  One had food and the other was wailing and asking for a bite.


aug2 (5 of 9)

Well, the other juvenile got to eat a few small bits and then took off.  But both of them continued to wail loudly.

aug2 (6 of 9)

I looked around and found one adult on their building,  The Red Hat-Tail building :), that is.

aug2 (7 of 9)

And both kids continued to wail… really loud.  Hmmm…. I wondered if ….

Aha. No wonder.  Papa was close by.

aug2 (8 of 9)

But, sorry kids.  No food delivery today.  That task expired 6 weeks ago. 🙂

aug2 (9 of 9)




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