Hey, Dad!

August 12, 2013

It’s been quiet. Sightings have been few and far in between, but a faint wail pierced the air today and I found one of the fledglings alone on a roof.  TBH, I don’t know if this is Eden or Sally, but I’ll pick Eden since she was the last to fledge.

aug12 (1 of 12)

Eden didn’t stay long on the roof and  flew south to the parking deck.

aug12 (2 of 12)

The other birds on the deck scattered.  Danger Will Robinson. Hawk Approaching…

aug12 (3 of 12)

Eden continued to wail, while looking south.

aug12 (4 of 12)

She took off and bee-lined into a tree in Moore Square park.

aug12 (5 of 12)

At the park, I could hear her wails, but could not see her.  She took off and hopped to another tree and that’s where I had a clear view.

aug12 (8 of 12)

aug12 (7 of 12)

aug12 (6 of 12)

She was really loud but folks around the square paid no mind.  One person commented that it was a Squirrel’s Mating call. 🙂

Finally, I found out why Eden was wailing and wailing.

Scruffy-looking Papa seemed like he just woke up.

aug12 (10 of 12)

A good scratch…

aug12 (9 of 12)

A little poop…

aug12 (11 of 12)

And Papa was on his way…. getting away from the Blue jays that were bugging him..

aug12 (12 of 12)

I haven’t seen Sally, the other juvenile.  In case you’re just joining us,  in 2011, one juvenile, “The Babe” stayed all year until the next breeding season.  In 2012,  “Blynken” stayed behind.  If that’s the trend, then I think this year, Eden may stay until the next breeding season in 2014.

Till then…




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