Guarding Home Turf

Aug 28

As we move into the fall, sunrise is becoming a little bit later with each passing day.  This makes it more of a hit-and-miss on early morning sightings of our Red-tail friends.

Today I saw a hawk on a roof top.  It was small, so it wasn’t a Red-tail.  This looked like a Cooper’s since it was much smaller. Hmmm… home turf being taken over by a Cooper?

aug28 (1 of 7)

This is a job for….

A few minutes later one of the kids came flying in and for sure it was headed to where the Cooper was standing.

aug28 (3 of 7) aug28 (4 of 7)

The Cooper’s hesitated for a moment, but when the Red-tail got really close, it took off, but not far.

aug28 (5 of 7)

The Cooper’s landed on a street light.  Not satisfied, the Red-tail once more gave chase.

aug28 (6 of 7)

Finally, the threat was gone.

aug28 (7 of 7)

That’s how you defend your home turf!  I wonder how the young Red-tails (or any bird for that matter) kids learn what is prey, a threat or something you need to high-tail away from.  Instinct?

Good Morning!

aug28 (2 of 7)




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